Personalised Funky Pink Reasons Why Gift Book

In your own words, tell them why they’re so special
*Made To Order*


Maximum 21 characters

Maximum 15 characters

Maximum 140 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 190 characters

Maximum 11 characters


Tell a friend or relative in your own words why they mean so much to you with this stunning, personalised gift book.

Create a beautiful hardback book especially for them, telling them the reasons why they’re special to you. It’s a lovely way to express your feelings and it’s something that they’ll treasure for years to come.

*Please note that this item is lovingly Made To Order and will take up to 5 working days to arrive at a UK delivery address (international deliveries will take longer).*

As well as being able to add the recipient’s name to the front cover and customise the title, you also get to choose the words to fill the internal pages of this book. The extent of the personalisation makes it a very special and thoughtful gift indeed.

If you’re struggling to get started with what to include in your friend or relative’s book, don’t worry as we have some suggestions below to make finding the words a little easier. Whatever words you choose throughout the book, please don’t use emojis or smiley faces as these don’t print properly and cause errors.

Personalised features include (please type carefully as what you type, including any capital letters and punctuation, is what will be printed in your gift book and remember no emojis or smiley faces please!):

• Title (Reasons why…)
• Name of the recipient (appears on the front cover)
• A gift message (appears inside the book, at the beginning)
• 15 things of your choice that you wish to say to your friend or relative

Here are some examples of what you may wish to say to them:

• The most amazing thing about you is . . .
• Being with you makes me . . .
• I am grateful for you because . . .
• You have taught me that . . .
• One of my favourite memories of you is . . .
• When you . . . you make me smile.
• Your best features are your . . .
• I think you are amazing at . . .
• You have, without doubt, the best . . .
• I admire the way you . . .
• You inspire me when you . . .
• I wish I could . . . like you.
• Something I would wish for you would be . . .
• . . . is the one word that describes you.
• Most of all I . . .

(If you’re using any of the 15 suggestions above, please be sure to include the full sentence and not just your chosen response when ordering your gift, as we won’t automatically add any text for you.)

No stickers, labels or staples are used in the production of this product.

*Please note that this item is printed and hand-finished especially for you and therefore can’t be returned. You’re kindly reminded to please check your personalisation carefully, including any capital letters and punctuation, as what you type is what will be printed!*

Made with paper & love, from you to me.

Why we love it

A truly unique and special personalised gift. Each gorgeous set of double pages features your words in print. The cover is created with the recipient’s name or what you call them. There’s even space for a gift message inside!


Square 17.5 x 17.5cm

32 pages of 110gsm uncoated FSC paper

Hardback book

Colour cover and internal pages

Ethically produced from sustainably sourced materials

Designed and published in the UK

We keep our delivery & packing charges as low as we can.

If this item is held in stock, it  will be dispatched within 48 hours of your order, Monday to Friday, often on the same day we receive it.

All personalised journals take around 5 working days to be printed and dispatched from our printers in the UK.

Full prices for ordering more than one item or for shipping outside your country are in the Delivery & Returns section.

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