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Released July 2021

IPPY award for The Great Alien Cake Off Rachel McCoubrie

FROM YOU TO ME are delighted to have won a Gold Medal at the Independent Publishers International Book Awards 2021 with Míla Coxon’s debut book ‘A Tale for a Sleepy Bunny’. The book, which was written by Míla when she was 9, was published by From You To Me during the UK's Lockdown of 2020 and received best children’s (under 7) picture book 2021 in recognition of its story and illustrations.

The hardback picture book, illustrated by Karen Bentley, was completed by Míla as a project during a Covid Lockdown. It was designed as a bedtime or naptime story to help little ones relax and fall asleep and was originally written for her cousin who struggled to get to sleep.

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Further information: Helen Stephens 07977552665 [email protected]



Released May 2020

IPPY award for The Great Alien Cake Off Rachel McCoubrie

FROM YOU TO ME are delighted to have won a Bronze Medal at the Independent Publishers International Book Awards 2020 with Rachel McCoubrie’s debut book ‘The Great Alien Cake Off’. The book, which was published in late August 2019, was written by Rachel who also works as a doctor in a busy NHS hospital in Bristol.

The picture book, illustrated by Robert McPhillips,is a fantastical rhyming story based on the planet Cookie Dreams.

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Further information: Helen Stephens 07977552665 [email protected]



Released 18th May 2020

Today marks the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health. The week, which is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, is in its 20th year and runs from 18-24th May.

This year, the theme for the week is kindness. Across the country, people will be celebrating kindness in a range of digital and creative ways within social distancing restrictions. In Bath, publisher FROM YOU TO ME will be donating 20% of all its sales from their Mindfulness Range of journals to the charity. Helen Stephens, Director at FROM YOU TO ME LTD, said “Never has there been more of a need for us to be kind. To our partners, our children, our neighbours and ourselves. We are hoping to raise as much as we can this week to provide a little kind help.”

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Further information: Neil Coxon 07779131827 HELLO @FROMYOUTOME.COM



Released 4th February 2020

Gift of the Year Winner 2020Wow Birthday books

FROM YOU TO ME are proud to have been presented with the prestigious Gift Of The Year award at the Spring Fair on Sunday evening in front of large audience of retailers and buyers.
They won the Cards & Wrap Category for their new range called WOW! YOU’RE . . . BIRTHDAY BOOKS by post.

These new innovative birthday books come with a decorated envelope so that these gifts can be easily posted and they will stand proudly as a birthday card or fit neatly on a bookshelf.

Having a birthday is always a big deal . . . so consumers can now send ‘more than a card’ with these wonderful books that are suitable to post as a birthday card. ‘Numbear’ and his pet bird are the main characters who, along with other unique animals and sea creatures, bring these creative, colourful books to life. With 28 pages full of fun facts and quirky information, they help every child to be even more excited about their birthday by getting them reading and involved in this story, discovering everything that is awesome about their new age.

These creative little books by post will remind someone that their birthday matters and shows that you care about them. They are a superb gift to read with any child or for them to share with friends and family.

Currently available for ages 1 up to 6.

Helen Stephens, Creative Director at FROM YOU TO ME commented “We are always looking to develop books that are both beautiful as well as valuable for the retailers and consumers so it was delightful to hear the feedback from the Gift Of The Year judges about what a special and unique keepsake the concept of books as cards make. Something to keep and not throw away.”

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Further information: Neil Coxon 07779131827 HELLO @FROMYOUTOME.COM


The Great Alien Cake Off

Released 1st August 2019

The Great Alien Cake Off


This month Rachel McCoubrie, a doctor working at the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust in Bristol, is launching her debut children’s picture book. ‘The Great Alien Cake Off’.  Working as a Consultant in Palliative Care, Rachel often encounters patients and their families who are going through difficult times. This fantastical rhyming story book, beautifully illustrated by Robert McPhillips, aims to lift the spirits and allow the imagination to escape to a happy place.  
“I was at work when I received the call from the publisher that they wanted to go ahead with my book,” said Rachel. “I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for a week! I hope it will put a smile on the faces of many, many children and get them excited about reading.”
Based on the planet Cookie Dreams, everyone lives exclusively off biscuits, until one day a young alien called Zappo discovers cake.  Soon the other alien parents learn to bake and start to get competitive about their cakes. The headteacher decides to put it to the test and organises a cake off competition at the school. Full of wonderful alien characters, who get a little carried away with their new-found love of cake making, and accidentally create more than they bargained for . . . what happens next is literally out of this world.
Published under their Forget Me Not Books brand, Helen Stephens, Creative Director at FROM YOU TO ME, said “This has been such a fun project to work on. The cheeky characters that Rachel and Rob have created really bring this book to life and we are beginning to wonder if scientifically we’ve been heading down the wrong route and now the truth is out there!”

Launched in August 2019 this new author has created a story that will help unite families as they explore the illustrations and read this clever rhyming book together.

The Great Alien Cake Off | ISBN: 978-1-907860-52-2 | RRP £11.99

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Further information: Helen Stephens 07977552665 HELLO @FROMYOUTOME.COM



Released 1st August 2019



This month, author and illustrator M.P. Robertson is launching his latest children’s picture book ‘CH1P’.  Written in memory of his mother who cleaned things that didn’t need cleaning and for his father who is always fixing things, this retro styled, exquisitely illustrated, hardback book is packed with amazing robots and space creatures which are sure to engage both children and adults alike.

 “I’ve been working on this book, as a dedication to my parents, on and off since 2014. The illustrations alone took over a year as the detail and style were very important to me” said Mark. “When I gave my Dad his copy, he was overwhelmed and said he just wished mum was still here to see it.”

Based around the ever-increasing level of space junk the book tells the story of a Fixer Bot CH1P and his friendship with a Cleaner Bot P1N who are programmed to deal with the rubbish from a distant planet that ends up on their home. Suddenly CH1P’s world falls apart when P1N is whisked away to another planet to be de-commissioned. Devastated he hatches a plan to rescue her and helped by his friends he blasts off on an adventure into the unknown . . . 

With a little twist at the end, as children discover where CH1P and P1N come from and where they end up, this book will grip children with excitement as they are swept along with their hero on his quest to save his friend.

Published under their Forget Me Not Books brand, Helen Stephens, Creative Director at FROM YOU TO ME, said “This is a beautifully illustrated picture book about love, kindness and teamwork. The book has a serious note in terms of raising awareness about the level of debris orbiting our planet and the growing concern of how we deal with our refuse. It also confronts the issue of loss of a loved one.”

Launched in August 2019 this new title is captivating story that will help bring families closer as they explore the illustrations and read this captivating, feel-good book together.

For more information on space junk please refer to the websites below:

CH1P | ISBN: 978-1-907860-22-5 | RRP £11.99

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Further information: Helen Stephens 07977552665 HELLO @FROMYOUTOME.COM

French Partnership

Released 7th November 2018

Editions de la Sarriette 

from you to me say 'Bonjour' to a new partnership.

from you to me have just signed a new partnership agreement with French publishers Editions de la Sarriette to distribute French versions of their award-winning journals and books across France.

Both teams have been working hard to translate and adapt a range of books for the French market and these arrive in the Nice warehouse this week.  Already French retailers are loving the concept and these great gifts will be found in major retailers across France within a few weeks as well as personalised versions on the company’s website.

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For more information contact: Neil Coxon




Early Years 

Released 8th October 2018

Early Years Grey

from you to me have expanded their Early Years baby to five record journals range this autumn with the addition of a new neutral soft grey edition, complementing the existing blue and pink editions.

A unique concept, Early Years comprises of a beautifully illustrated hardback journal and soft notebook set for capturing precious memories from birth up to five years. The ‘notes & quotes’ notebook is designed for keeping handy in a changing bag or buggy, ready to scribble down milestones as they happen, to be later added into the journal itself when time allows. A wonderful pregnancy, baby shower or new baby gift.

Early Years Grey | ISBN: 978-1-907860-39-3 | RRP £19.99




The Mindful Collection

Released 4th September 2018 

The Mindful Collection     Mandala Sketchbook

from you to me are delighted to have launched a stunning new range of mindfulness titles for autumn, featuring a trio of hand-painted mindfulness journals and a sketchbook for creating Mandala designs.

Perfect for gifting or for treating yourself, the mindfulness journals This Is Me, Forward Thinking and Wonderful Days each focus on a different aspect of mindfulness. This Is Me is an autobiographical journal for self-discovery, Forward Thinking focusses on developing wellbeing and happiness while Wonderful Days encourages daily reflection and positivity.

Complementing these journals beautifully is the Mandala Sketchbook. Mandalas are widely used in spiritual guidance and to aid meditation and the art of creating a Mandala is also proven to aid self-expression and help us experience oneness. This handy sketchbook is ideal for both adults and children, and takes you through 8 easy steps to creating a Mandala, before setting you free to enjoy the calming and meditative experience of creating your own intricate designs.

This Is Me | ISBN: 978-1-907860-25-6 | RRP £14.99

Forward Thinking | ISBN: 978-1-907860-26-3 | RRP: £14.99

Wonderful Days | ISBN: 978-1-907860-27-0| RRP: £14.99

Mandala Sketchbook | ISBN: 978-1-907860-29-4 | RRP: £9.99




Novelty Milestone Cards

Released 4th September 2018 

Man Milestone Cards

from you to me are delighted to be offering a new line in their range of gifts this autumn. The Man #Milestone Cards and Teen #Milestone Cards (RRP £7.99) are a hilarious new take on the milestone card phenomenon. With 20 spoof milestones in each colourful boxed pack, the cards are great for selfies or simply for teasing the man or teen in your life! A great birthday gift and the perfect sized stocking filler!



My Summer Rant & Rave Summer Writing Competition

Released 2nd July 2018


My Summer Rant & Rave


from you to me, a family-run publishing company with family at the heart of their award-winning journals and gift books, are aiming to help parents keep their children using their imagination and putting pen to paper during the summer holidays with the My Summer Rant & Rave competition.

Running for 8 weeks from Friday 6th July to Friday 31st August 2018, My Summer Rant & Rave aims to encourage primary aged children to continue to use their imagination and put pen to paper during the holidays with 4 fortnightly summer themed activities, available to download on the following dates: 

Activity 1 - Friday 6th July / Activity 2 - Friday 20th July / Activity 3 - Friday 3rd August / Activity 4 - Friday 17th August

Each activity offers a suggestion for both KS1 and KS2 pupils, and at the end of My Summer Rant & Rave a winner will be chosen for each of the 4 activities who will receive £50 of Leisure Vouchers – to spend on more family fun in the next school holidays!

Throughout the competition My Summer Rant & Rave will also be sharing heaps of additional ingenious ideas on Facebook and Instagram, to keep the little people busy both at home and out in the fresh air!





The Book Of Upside Down Thinking: a magical new book of verse by Brian Patten

Released 26th April 2018

The Book Of Upside Down Thinking Cover




Poet Brian Patten has been famous internationally since 1967 as co-author of the ground-breaking poetry collection ‘The Mersey Sound’, written with fellow-Liverpudlians, Roger McGough and the late Adrian Henri. Selling over 500,000 copies, the book is widely credited with bringing poetry off the shelf and on to the streets, and kick-starting the performance poetry movement.

Fifty years on – with many award-winning poetry collections and children’s books under his belt - Brian is about to surprise us all over again, with a stunningly original and beautifully designed gift book that’s set to rattle the cage of conventional thinking. ‘The Book of Upside Down Thinking’ is an enthralling collection of wise and witty rhymes inspired by traditional folk stories from the Near and Middle East, many dating back as far as the 11th century. The poem Vanity sets the tone for the entire collection –

When I broke the mirror I bought a new one.

I didn’t like what I saw,

So I took it back to the shop and asked for one

Like the one I’d bought some years before.

‘The Book of Upside Down Thinking’ is published by ‘from you to me’ under their new ‘Forget Me Not Books’ imprint of exquisite gift books. Brian, who now lives in Devon, is delighted with this new collaboration. “The designers have hand-drawn beautiful Middle Eastern tiles as illustrations,” he says “and the book looks fantastic.”

“We’re delighted to work with Brian on this wonderful gift book” says Helen Stephens, director of Design & New Product Development at ‘from you to me’. “The deep red fabric cover with foil blocking reflects the quality of Brian’s verse within.”

‘The Book of Upside Down Thinking’ is a collection that’s both humorous and profound. “These sorts of stories have always fascinated me,” explains Brian. “They use humour to shake the rational mind out of its blinkered way of seeing the world - and that’s as important now as it has always been.”

‘The Book of Upside Down Thinking’ is publishing in May 2018, RRP £9.99. 




Unusual Pets shortlisted for GIft of the Year awards

Released 4th January 2018

from you to me publishers of award-winning gift journals and gift books are delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2018 Gift of the Year awards with their personalised children’s book Unusual Pets by M.P. Robertson.

A fabulous and fun book with a splendid use of word play, and a strong sense of humour, this book is a keeper. Personalised with the name of the eldest child throughout, plus the name of their brother, sister, cousin or friend this colourful book by M. P. Robertson is beautifully illustrated in pen, ink and water colour, and is printed especially for each customer.

For more information contact: Helen Beesley 


from you to me launch new Christmas Gifts 

Released 5th September 2017

Remember the magic of Christmas  Christmas Planner  Dear Me 2018

from you to me have three new Christmas gifts in stock this autumn. Part of the Journals Of A Lifetime range, Remember the magic of Christmas, the Christmas Planner and Dear Me 2018 Diary are exciting new Christmas products from the award-winning gift publisher.

Remember the magic of Christmas (RRP £14.99) is a delightful new concept - a keepsake holder for children’s letters to and from Santa, Christmas cards and more. A wonderful Christmas gift or self-purchase for parents or grandparents, this beautifully hand-illustrated expanding concertina keepsake holder contains 9 patterned pockets each containing a sheet of illustrated notepaper for those delightful letters to Santa. Featuring 9 different festive patterns, this keepsake is perfect for storing the letters, cards and notes written each Christmas by a special little someone, so that the parent or grandparent can capture and remember the magic of Christmas forever.

The Christmas Planner (RRP £11.99), also suitable for both self-purchase and giving, is the perfect planner for anyone who loves to be organised for Christmas. Carefully conceived, this colourful planner allows hosts to perfectly plan everything in advance, ensuring the festive period will be full of fun and cheer for everyone, even them! With different sections covering all the essentials from cards sent & received, present shopping lists, a Christmas diary, Christmas menu planner and Christmas recipe file.

Dear Me 2018 (RRP £19.99) is a great Christmas gift or self-purchase for those wishing to get organised and achieve new goals in the new year. A combined diary & notebook, Dear Me has a weekly double spread of appointments alongside to-do lists, goals and space to record calls to make or special events. After each week there is a double spread of notepaper, perfect for keeping notes all in one place. 


Journals Of A Lifetime launch The Timeless Collection 

Released 5th September 2017


The Timeless Collection

Marking from you to me’s 10th birthday year, the gift publisher is launching a stunning new range of contemporary keepsake memory journals this autumn.

The Timeless Collection, published under the Journals Of A Lifetime brand, is a new range of memory journals that incorporate contemporary and classic high-quality design. Featuring foil blocked printed front covers with hand-drawn illustrations, coupled with quality fabric and finished with colour-coordinated end papers and bookmark ribbon, these tactile editions make truly timeless keepsakes.

Based on the publisher’s unique best-selling gift journal concept, which has sold over a million copies worldwide, these beautiful and thoughtful gift journals measure 210mm x 148mm with the internal pages consisting of crisp high quality white notepaper with a colour-coordinated band.

Designed to make it easy for someone special to record and share their amazing memories from every stage of life, these journals are filled with 60 carefully crafted and inspiring guided questions. Alongside priceless handwritten memories, there is also space to include photos and memorabilia.

Available in 9 titles for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, Daughter, Son, Sister, Brother & Friend and retailing at £17.99, these hardback journals are perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or as a meaningful gift at any time. 



from you to me introduce Forget Me Not Books

Released 5th September 2017




Forget Me Not Books Logo

from you to me are delighted to introduce their new brand of gift books Forget Me Not Books, which will sit alongside their gift journals brand Journals Of A Lifetime.

Beautifully designed and illustrated, Forget Me Not Books are meaningful and enriching books that both children and adults will love to explore and read time and time again. From amazing authors and illustrators such as M.P. Robertson, Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson, these are books that make memories. 

In September Forget Me Not Books are publishing How To Grow & Eat Monster Vegetables by M.P. Robertson. Stunningly illustrated in ink and watercolour, this brilliantly funny and clever picture book for children brings to life Grumpkins, Carnivorous Cabbages, Beat-Em-Up-Root and a whole host of Monster Vegetables. Fiction and real life collide inside the pages of this beautifully textured hardback book, as grandfather James takes his grandchildren Sophie and Harry, and the reader, on an exciting journey through the Monster Vegetable garden. The 30 full colour pages include recipes that encourage the reader to create and eat delicious dishes using either Monster Vegetables or their tamer cousins!



from you to me is loved by parents

Released 3rd August 2017

Loved by Parents 2017 Platinum Winner Logo Loved by Parents 2017 Gold Winner Logo

from you to me, publishers of award-winning gift journals and gift books, are delighted to have won two further awards for their Welcome To The World  keepsake gift book for a newborn. Announced at the end of July, the Loved by Parents Awards judge entries by each product being both tested by and voted for by parents.

Welcome To The World was awarded both the top Platinum award in the Best Baby Keepsake category and was also Gold winner in the Best Baby Gift Under £50 category. These two awards follow from an already successful year for this beautifully illustrated keepsake gift book, which was shortlisted in both the 2017 Gift of the Year awards and 2017 Baby & Nursery Trade awards.

Welcome To The World is also complemented by You’re The Biggest, a gift book for the new sibling on the arrival of the baby. These beautifully illustrated hardback books are the perfect gifts for both a new baby and big brother or sister. Written and illustrated by award-winning authors Lucy Tapper & Steve Wilson, both books have a dedicated page at the beginning of the book for the giver to write a personalised message, making these wonderful keepsake gifts for baby showers or on the arrival of a newborn. 



10 year anniversary captures our interest

Released 9th February 2017

We all love a birthday celebration and the great family stories created around birthdays are always worth remembering … and one company who has been helping everyone capture their own life stories is now celebrating a big birthday.

from you to me, based in Bradford on Avon in the south-west of England, are 10 years old this month and they have spent the last 3653 days creating award-winning gifts to help everyone, from the young to the not so young, capture cherished moments and memories, gifting a sentimental legacy for the future.

Neil Coxon, founder of the company, was caring for his ill father when it struck him that there was so much that had been left unsaid and undiscovered about his father’s life. A keen public interest in family history was evident with the success of genealogy websites & the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are programme. However,

Neil recognised that it is less easy to find interesting facts and stories about the names featured on your family tree.

He, and his partner Helen, set about creating a business that believes in inspiring and bringing people together by making it easy for them to capture and share their own real and amazing life stories from every step of life’s journey. From falling in love, to pregnancy, to exploring childhood holidays or schooling. From being a parent, grandparent, sibling or just celebrating a special family event, the from you to me range has it covered.

Neil said “I really can’t believe how time flies, it seems like only yesterday we produced our first journal, but with so much that has happened it is hard to remember it all. I should have used a journal to capture our own story! What I do know though, is that our success has been due to the fantastic team we have, wonderful products and amazing loyal customers and we are delighted to recognise this as we celebrate our tenth birthday.”

“It’s great to celebrate a milestone,” said Helen, who is known by the team as Creative Design Super Hero, “and I am extremely excited about the future. We have some really wonderful and innovative products planned for launch over the next couple of years, and to borrow a phrase from my old corporate employer – the future is extremely bright.”

The Company has now created over 100 journals in English and other languages which are available around the World, and last year sold its 1 millionth copy. Laid end to end these would now reach from Land’s End to John O’Groats …

Some of the questions in the from you to me journals take you on a real journey, so how would you answer some of these?

• What was the first piece of music you bought?

• What is the biggest change you have seen in your life so far?

• What is your biggest regret – and can you do anything about it?

• What are some of your favourite things?

• If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

• Who has been the biggest role-model in your life?

• What would you most like to do to have fun with someone in the next year?

To celebrate the birthday, from you to me are running a competition on their Facebook page to encourage us to share some of our own great family stories … stories that might not make blockbuster movies or make it to the national newspapers, but ones that to our own families make us smile, laugh and cry.

We all love a good story.


from you to me celebrates 10th anniversary 

26th January 2017

10th anniversary photo Neil and Helen

from you to me, gift publishers of the successful Journals Of A Lifetime range are celebrating their 10th anniversary this February. MD Neil Coxon set up the business in 2007 with partner Helen Stephens.

At the time HR director for a large international company, Neil was inspired to set up from you to me by the realisation that there was so much that had been unsaid and undiscovered about his own father’s life. His father was terminally ill and Neil realised that many of his father’s own life stories might disappear forever, with many of the questions he wanted to ask remaining unanswered. This experience lead Neil to come up with the Dear Dad concept for his own father. Neil and Helen went on to publish Dear Dad and Dear Mum, which sold out fast and led them to publish two further titles Dear Grandma and Dear Grandad.

from you to me have continued to grow steadily over the last 10 years, publishing a wide range of thoughtfully designed gift journals that capture special moments from every step of life bringing people closer and enriching lives. The company firmly believes that capturing memories in handwriting is important for families and receive frequent thanks from consumers, who say that the completed journals are the most important possession they own:

‘To me, this reminder of my Nanna’s life is worth more than any possession. So whoever bought this amazing idea to life, thank you so much.’ 

The company has seen much acclaim for its products and won a wide range of awards for its innovative gifts. The business has gone from strength to strength in 10 years with titles now available around the world and recently seeing the company expand to publish children’s gift books alongside its journals.   


from you to me launches Welcome To The World & You're The Biggest 

19th January 2016

 Welcome To The World & You're The Biggest  

  Gift of the Year 2017 Shortlisted

Welcome To The World & You're The Biggest are two brand new children’s keepsake gift books from from you to me, available now to pre-order and coming into stock in February. The gift publisher first branched out to publish children’s gift books in 2016 to complement their existing parent & baby gift journals, and 2017 sees them grow their range of children’s books with Welcome To The World and You’re The Biggest by Lucy Tapper & Steve Wilson – both of which have been shortlisted in the Occasions category of the 2017 Gift Of The Year awards. 

Welcome To The World is a delightful gift book celebrating the arrival of a new baby, with the story exploring all that is special about our world through the eyes of a charming baby elephant. You’re The Biggest complements this perfectly– a touching gift for an older sibling celebrating their unique role now they are ‘The Biggest’.

These beautiful hardback books are both written and illustrated by award-winning authors Lucy Tapper & Steve Wilson and make wonderful keepsake gifts. In the front of each book there is a lovely illustrated space for the giver to write a personal message. Perfect presents for baby showers or on the arrival of a newborn, these books have been exquisitely designed with Spot UV on the covers to highlight the text and the images so they are sure to stand out on the shelves of any shop.


from you to me launches Guest Wishes

11th November 2016

Guest Wishes

Guest Wishes is a brand new range of colourful, landscape guest books from from you to me. Best Wishes, Bride To Be and You’re Welcome are the three designs in the range, perfect for capturing messages and thoughts at important celebrations or from visitors at home. Best Wishes is ideal for guests to complete at anniversary, birthday or leaving parties while Bride To Be makes a welcome addition to any engagement party, bridal shower or hen do, and last but by no means least You’re Welcome is the perfect guest book for visitors to complete either at home or in a holiday home.  




from you to me wins local business award

31st October 2016

Neil Coxon receiving BOA Business Award

from you to me were winners of the award for Best Manufacturer / Exporter in their local business awards which were presented at an awards ceremony in October. The Bradford-on-Avon Business Awards took place for the first time in 2016, with the aim of recognising and emphasising the breadth of business that takes place in the small town in Wiltshire, just outside of Bath. Pictured is MD Neil accepting the award from Town Mayor Alsion Craddock.






from you to me launches A to Z of Christmas

30th June 2016

A to Z of Christmas

from you to me are launching a new children’s rhyming book for Christmas in July, which accompanies the recently published A to Z of the United Kingdom, offering two new children’s titles from the from you to me publishing brand.

A to Z of Christmas is a fun and engaging colour illustrated children’s rhyming book featuring four loveable characters, Fox, Owl, Hedgehog and Badger, as they discover the magic of Christmas. These same characters also feature in the accompanying A to Z of the United Kingdom in which they travel around famous sights across the UK learning the alphabet.

In A to Z of Christmas children will love discovering what owl would like for Christmas, icing the cake and seeing if they can find the13 hidden robins. This delightful book makes a lovely Christmas gift and is perfect for reading aloud or for beginnner readers to enjoy by themsleves. A to Z of Christmas includes a chimneys and sleighs board game as well as 4 pop-out decorations with one side full colour and the other side to be coloured in by the child.



from you to me launches A to Z of the United Kingdom to the book market

1st February 2016

A to Z of UK

from you to me are launching a new children’s rhyming book, the first title under the from you to me publishing brand.

A to Z of the United Kingdom is a fun and engaging colour illustrated children’s rhyming book featuring four loveable characters, Fox, Owl, Hedgehog and Badger, as they travel around famous sights across the UK learning the alphabet.

The book takes children and their parents on a trip to explore sights that make the UK so unique. From taking a trip to Stonehenge, a Punch and Judy show on the beach, to playing at the Royal Albert Hall. This charming book makes a lovely gift and is perfect for reading aloud or for beginner readers to enjoy by themselves. The book also includes a pull-out A to Z of the UK poster which is perfect for decorating a child’s bedroom and to reinforce learning.



from you to me writes the next chapter with new brand 'Journals of a Lifetime'

10th November 2015

Journals of a LifetimeAward-winning journal publisher from you to me has invested in a brand review to build on their growing success, and will celebrate the new brand, Journals of a Lifetime, at the Spring Fair on 7-11 February. 

After eight years’ selling award-winning products all over the world, from you to me have conducted research to see how they can build on their success. The results showed that the journals sell best where customers fully understand the meaning and value that the products bring. This led from you to me to consider how they help their trade customers increase their profit selling more journals to the consumer.

The outcome is the launch of a new consumer-friendly brand, Journals of a Lifetime, which best describes the offer and clear benefits to the consumer, plus a new improved website with secure trade area, easy to use ordering, incentives for trade customers, newsletters with advice from industry experts, and new point of sale solutions

Neil Coxon, MD, said: “By talking to our stockists we learned that once their customers understand the value of our journals they are hooked, and sales follow. Our research showed that Journals of a Lifetime is the perfect brand name to describe how our products lead people on a journey of discovery through a lifetime, and the clear benefits to the consumer. As well as investing in this more customer-friendly brand name, and adding made with love, from you to me as the strapline to reinforce from you to me’s strong roots, we have also redesigned our online presence to support and help develop our loyal trade customers.”

from you to me are the publishing company behind Journals of a Lifetime – a collection of award-winning journals to help everyone find a way to capture and share amazing life stories. For parents to record childhood moments, to encourage children to have fun writing their own tales, and for family and friends wishing to capture stories and memories.


from you to me launches a new range, Messages For You

10th November 2015

Messages For YouAward-winning gift journal publisher, from you to me are adding a new range, Messages for You, to their Journals of a Lifetime brand at the Spring Fair on 7-11 February 2015. The new range inspires a mother, father, family, colleagues or a bunch of great mates, to create a collection of precious messages to be passed on to a lucky recipient.

Messages For You is a range of message gift books with bound-in envelopes for collecting treasured words and mementos, creating a unique gift for a loved one to enjoy forever. Available in three titles:

  • While You Grow: a gift for any child. Write messages to your child as they are growing up, keep mementos of their childhood – photos, tickets, birthday cards, postcards and more. 
  • While You're Away: for those travelling away, moving on or leaving work. Create this wonderful gift by collecting messages and good wishes to mark the end of an era and the beginning of something new.
  • On Your Special Day: for any special occasion such as a wedding, christening or a big birthday. Invite friends and family to contribute to create this delightful keepsake.

All titles in the range feature a collection of 16 illustrated large bound-in pocket envelopes, each containing a decorative sheet of writing paper, ready for those who care to capture special messages or letters, plenty of space for keepsakes and photographs. Tucked at the back of the book is a set of charming stickers to personalise the cover, for many occasions and recipients.

Creative Director, Helen Stephens said, "My family has used this idea for many years for big birthdays, to the challenge at from you to me has been creating a product which is accessible for many occasions and for everyone. I am delighted with the result and can't wait to see the products on shelves and to hear stories from those who receive one."



Spanish rights success for from you to me

1st September 2015

Dear Mum (Spanish)Following commercial success in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and South Africa, from you to me have made foreign translation rights available and have sold their first rights licence to a Barcelona-based publishing company.

Cuentame Tu Vida SL have acquired the licence to translate from you to me products into Spanish and Catalan, for print and distribution in Spain. The translated titles will be available at later in 2015.

from you to me limited are the publishing company behind Journals of a Lifetime – a collection of high quality  journals to help everyone find a way to capture and share their own amazing life story. For parents to record childhood memories, to family and friends wishing to capture stories and memories, the multi award-winning journals are fast sellers with real inherent value, ensuring they sell in high volumes throughout the year.

Neil Coxon, MD, said, “We are thrilled to announce our first foreign language rights partnership with Cuentame Tu Vida. Already they have pre-sold over half of their products before taking delivery of the stock – an encouraging sign for them and other potential partners interested in language rights.” Kim Redling, Managing Partner at Cuentame Tu Vida, said, “It's been a pleasure to work with from you to me to bring this project to life. The journals are now on sale across Spain with a very positive response from retailers.”

from you to me is interested in partnering with foreign publishers to make their books available in local languages throughout the world. They are exhibiting at Top Drawer, 13-15 September (stand J46) and the Spring Fair 7-11 Feb (stand 3J50). They are also taking appointments at the London Book Fair, 12-14 April 2016.


Rant & Rave about #MyWildLife with from you to me & the Wildlife Trusts

1st September 2015

My Wild Lifefrom you to me have been exploring new territory to launch a new product in partnership with experts at the Wildlife Trusts. The new title is an addition to the award-winning Get Kids Writing range, Rant & Rave.

As part of the Wildlife Trusts’ #MyWildLife campaign at, Rant & Rave, My Wild Life has been designed to get children and teenagers engaged in nature and the environment, whatever that means to them – riding their bike, walking the dog, camping under the stars, or a nature walk. The activity journal has a fun twist. Two covers allow kids to write, draw and doodle about their wild life, then twist the journal over to rant about how to protect our amazing environment.

Helen Stephens, from you to me’s Creative Director said: “It has been inspiring working with such an amazing charity. We all wanted to create a product that inspires children to leave their electronic devices at home and get outside – their lives are better if they are a little bit wild!”

Retailing at only £9.99 and available at, this is a meaningful gift or self-purchase for any child from 7 years to early teens and fits well alongside other Rant & Rave titles, My School and My Holiday. The range won Gold in the Best Art/Activity category at the Loved by Children Awards 2014.

Briony Baxter, Community Conservation Officer at Dorset Wildlife Trust said: “Inspiring young people to engage with and love nature is a vital part of Dorset Wildlife Trust’s work, helping to ensure that subsequent generations want to look after Dorset’s natural environment. The new Rant & Rave, My Wild Life journal could be the spark to encourage youngsters to begin a lifelong passion for nature.”


from you to me launches Early Years journal for busy parents 'on the go'

22 April 2015

early years journalsfrom you to me are adding a new title to their award-winning Parent and Child range – Early Years, a wonderful packaged gift set for parents-to-be and new parents.

Early Years is a hand-illustrated journal and companion notebook set, to inspire parents to capture the first precious five years of their child’s life. Available in two delightful woodland designs: pink mouse and blue owl. The journal is filled with prompts to help capture all those delightful moments of childhood – from arrival in the world, first words and steps, key celebrations, to first day at school. A 15-page section for each year takes parents on a journey from birth to their child’s fifth birthday, with space for photos and writing about all those precious firsts. The accompanying pocket-sized cute notebook Notes & Quotes is small enough to keep handy for recording precious moments as they happen, even when out and about.

The Journals of a Lifetime Parent & Child range has recently won several prestigious awards: Loved by Parents 2012, Bizziebaby Awards 2012, Shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2015, IPPY Awards 2014 and Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards 2013.
Busy parents need all the help they can get to easily capture those gorgeous moments of parenthood. Even when they are out and about, it’s lovely to write down those easy-to-forget little stories, cute moments and funny quotes that make those early years so unique, said Neil Coxon, Managing Director at from you to me, the publisher of Early Years.


from you to me Crowned Small Business of the Year at the enterprising Wiltshire awards 2015

24 March 2015

Enterprise Small Business Award

Bradford on Avon based gift publisher from you to me, who publish award-winning Journals of a Lifetime have been crowned Small Business of the Year at the Enterprising Wiltshire Awards 2015. 

Over 200 Wiltshire entrepreneurs enjoyed a gala ceremony at Bowood Hotel on 20th March. The awards, backed by Wiltshire Council and run by the Wiltshire Business Support Service and now in their 3rd year, celebrate business success throughout Wiltshire.

Neil Coxon, managing director and founder of ‘from you to me’, spoke of the team’s joy at the award success: "We are a growing international business but it still means a great deal to be recognised by our local business community. Thank you to Wiltshire Council for backing the awards.”


 from you to me wins Gold at the Loved by Children Awards

19 November 2014

loved by children awardThis week multi award-winning gift journal publisher from you to me are celebrating more product award success – this time at the Loved by Children Awards 2014 where this year’s best children’s products are honoured.

A panel of children of various ages spent a day putting a shortlist of children’s products through their paces and decided that the From You to Me ranges were worthy of a Gold Award. Rant & Rave and & Me impressed the young judges and the products came top in the Art and Creative Activity category.

from you to me's MD, Neil Coxon said: We’ve already received plenty of positive feedback from our trade customers, but to hear that the young judging panel love our Get Kids Writing products really is the highest accolade. With Christmas sales accelerating, these products are sure to make meaningful, fun and affordable gifts for children.”

The award winning products are part of the Get Kids Writing range.

Rant & Rave will inspire kids to write, draw and doodle about the things they really care about. A unique journal with a fun twist: a double cover that lets you rave about the good bits, then twist the journal over to rant and let off a little steam! This innovative journal, available in My School and My Holiday, will not only create relaxed and enjoyable moments, it will help the child to let their feelings flow and discover their own uniqueness.

& Me is made up of a range of four fun and interactive journals to inspire any parent or grandparent and their child to have a great time getting to know each other better by writing, drawing and doodling in tandem, sharing and learning about each other along the way. Available in Mum & Me and Dad & Me, – and in Grandma & Me and Grandad & Me from April 2015 – this innovative journal will not only create intimate and enjoyable family moments, it will help adult and child share memories, experiences, hopes and fears. Spaces to draw and fun activity prompts make the & Me journals easy to use and ideal for a wide age range.


from you to me scoops top international publishing award

8 May 2014

ippy awardThis week multi award-winning gift journal publisher from you to me are celebrating international award success – this time at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2014 (The IPPYs) where the year’s best independently published titles around the world are honoured. 

Bump to Birthday: Pregnancy & First Year Journal impressed the panel of judges where it was awarded Gold in the Gift category. The award will be presented at a ceremony in New York on 28th May. Jim Barnes, Editor and Awards Director described Bump to Birthday as Original, clever, and beautifully executed.” 

With years of UK success as the leading family memory brand, from you to me has now launched the award-winning products in North America. With the support of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) the gift publisher has established warehousing and distribution channels in the USA.

The award winner, Bump to Birthday, is a colour illustrated guided memory journal with researched week-by-week information about the growing baby, and prompts which take mum-to-be on a journey through pregnancy and the child’s first year, and enables parents to tell their own remarkable story, capturing unique, unrepeatable moments.

Neil Coxon, CEO said “We have only recently launched our business in the USA and early sales of all our products have been encouraging with this title proving very popular. This recognition gives us great confidence in our investment in this new market. This award will really help to open many more doors and also gives us the confidence to launch the foreign language rights shortly.”


 Journals of a Lifetime to help connect adult and child shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2015

27 January 2015

shortlisted gift of the year 2015The UK Giftware Association has just unveiled the shortlists of its prestigious annual Gift of the Year Awards, revealing that from you to me has been shortlisted in the 2015 competition.

One of the Company’s Get Kids Writing range of journals, ‘& Me’ has been selected for the Occasions Award category. The full range can be seen at Journals of a Lifetime.

The ‘& Me’ range – already highly commended at the 2014 Stationery Awards, and Gold winner at the Loved by Children Awards 2014 – offers parents and grandparents the priceless opportunity to share precious time with their child or grandchild to strengthen their connection. These double-ribboned journals inspire them to write and draw in tandem, sharing memories, experiences, stories as well as hopes and fears. A lasting gift offering a wonderful family experience, bringing families closer. 

The popularity of the first titles, Mum & Me and Dad & Me, launched in 2014, has led to the introduction of two further titles, available from February 2015, Grandma & Me and Grandad & Me.

Neil Coxon, MD at from you to me believes that it is the combination of product quality and the huge amount of thought and research that goes into creating the journals with careful prompts and inspiring design which has ensured their place on the list of the nation’s most exciting gifts for 2015:

“We are delighted to have been shortlisted this year, particularly given the competition has been fiercer than ever for these highly coveted awards. These journals create meaningful human connections in today’s digital world - capturing memories, stories and gifting a legacy for generations to come.”


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