Peter Coxon


Peter Coxon is a highly experienced educational, personal and organisational psychologist, coach and sailor

Peter runs his own international leadership consultancy, providing executive coaching and team development facilitation. He writes books, articles and podcasts on the ‘psychology of simply being human’. He also provides personal and life coaching and sail training aboard his yacht Team Excellence.

Peter is in his element helping others find how to be in their element. He has had a life-long commitment to learning and development and works best with others who want to develop themselves.

Peter has helped create a United Nations charter for Children’s Rights, worked with thousands of schools to enhance student behaviour and well being and more recently helped countless leaders develop physical and psychological safety within their organisations. When not working with clients directly he has written articles and journals including Dear Future Me and Forward Thinking. He is currently creating podcasts on leadership.

When not working Peter likes to sail, be it around the Greek island or doing an ocean crossing and has a passion for all things nautical. He really enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren when he is at home in Devon.