Personalised 'I Made A Book About You' Friendship Gift Book

Let someone you care about know how special they are
*Made To Order*


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A book that’s as unique as the person you’re gifting it to, letting them know what a great friend they are.

Create a stunning, personalised book for a friend, filled with beautiful, heartfelt words and illustrations. The recipient’s name features on the front cover, as well as who the book is ‘by’. Inside, there’s a page for a gift message, and then the rest of the book is made up of a collection of set pages personalised with your friend’s name and your words, together with additional pages chosen by you, especially for your friend.

*Please note that this item is lovingly Made To Order and will take up to 5 working days to arrive at a UK delivery address (international deliveries will take longer).*

Personalised features include (please type carefully as what you type, including any capital letters and punctuation, is what will be printed in your gift book and remember no emojis or smiley faces please!):

• Choice of cover colour
• The recipient’s name and your name on the front cover  
• A gift message (appears inside the book, at the beginning)
• The recipient’s name throughout the book
• Your words throughout the book
• Your choice of eight special pages to reflect what you think are the recipient’s best qualities

These are the set pages which are personalised with the recipient’s name and your words where applicable:

• I really hit the jackpot when we became friends . . .
• One of my favourite memories of us is . . .
• You are an inspirational person.
• The moment I knew we would be friends . . .
•  . . . you’re one of a kind.
• I never get bored of hanging out with you . . . 
• A song that reminds me of you . . .
• Something we have in common . . .
• One of my favourite things about you is . . .
• . . . you are out of this world.
• Something I want to do with you in the future . . .
• Something I admire about you . . .
• Something you have taught me . . .
• Whatever the weather, we’re in it together.
• . . . you’re just my type.
• If I could grant you a magic wish it would be . . .
• You deserve a medal for . . .
• . . . here’s a hug from the heart.
• Our favourite thing to do together . . .
• We’re like two peas in a pod.
• Something I’d like to thank you for . . .
• The best thing you’ve said to me . . .

No stickers, labels or staples are used in the production of this product.

*Please note that this item is printed and hand-finished especially for you and therefore can’t be returned. You’re kindly reminded to please check your personalisation carefully, including any capital letters and punctuation, as what you type is what will be printed!*

Made with paper & love, from you to me.

Why we love it

A wonderful gift that is truly unique and special. A sturdy hardback cover gives the gift a high-quality and luxurious feel. Featuring your words and your choice of pages with gorgeous illustrations, this is a really personal gift. There’s even space for a gift message inside!


Square 17.5 x 17.5cm

32 pages of 110gsm uncoated FSC paper

Hardback book

Colour cover and internal pages

Ethically produced from sustainably sourced materials

Designed and published in the UK

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If this item is held in stock, it  will be dispatched within 48 hours of your order, Monday to Friday, often on the same day we receive it.

All personalised journals take around 5 working days to be printed and dispatched from our printers in the UK.

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