Charitable Support

At FROM YOU TO ME, we are passionate about enriching the lives of our customers, helping them to enjoy enhanced relationships with loved ones as well as themselves.

One of our brand values is:

  • Impact – we seek to make a difference to the lives of others

And this manifests itself through our products, the way we work together and the way we support others.

We have always reached out to support charities and our Managing Director, Neil, last year participated in a 100 mile charity walk with his friends to raise much needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease.

Neil said "I had a wonderful experience participating in this charity walk with six friends to raise funds to help sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and to aid research into this disease.  We raised over £10,000 for the My Name's Doddie Foundation but the whole experience was about more than just the fund raising. We joked that we needed to raise more money than it cost us to do the walk ... otherwise we could have just stayed at home and written a cheque for the charity ... but we absolutely agreed that the experience was 'priceless'.

We supported a friend and his family who had been affected by this awful disease and the whole group bonded well as we discussed the impact it had had on people.   In addition, the chance to walk as a large group, as small groups or even on our own, was inspiring. The topics of conversation were wide and varied - from deep and heavy on occasions to the complete fun nonsense - but whatever we covered helped us end the walk feeling closer to each other than we did at the start.

We all feel strongly that our FROM YOU TO ME products all help people to feel closer to their family and friends. In addition, the way we all care and deliver our service is so important for our customers.  I try hard to create a culture to support this mission, and with my experience of this charity event at the end of last year, I have decided to offer all our people the opportunity to do some charity work to support an area that is important to them.
In addition to any annual holiday, I have organised to give everyone an extra day off every year as a ‘charity’ day.  This is a day when I would love people to spend their time supporting, in a way they decide, a charity that is close to their heart.
Come back here soon to hear more about some of the team's own Charity Day activity.
FROM YOU TO ME are also proud to support Prostate Cancer UK . After Neil's diagnosis in 2017, he has been acutely aware that early diagnosis is important and has been on a mission to raise awareness for others. He was keen to give back to this charity that had provided him with so much support, advice and counsel during his own journey.  You will often see Neil wearing his 'Men United' badge and if you would like to join him in wearing one, please do let us know.

FROM YOU TO ME also support an amazing charity called Winston’s Wish who are the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK.  More than 100 children are bereaved of a parent every single day in the UK, and the charity needs to raise funds each year to continue to help as many of these children as possible.

We are delighted to support this charity by providing journals they needs for their work and also by helping raise funds through the sale of our family journals.